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You definitely got some luck being on this page right now! Your solution to shaking relief is just minutes away...

But allow me to ask you something first...

  • Do you find it difficult to carry out day-to-day activities without shaking?

  • Have you ever been described as "uncoordinated" or "clumsy"?

  • Do you often experience embarrassment so intense, you become a blundering mess, especially when you're in public or social situations?

  • does your essential tremor affect your sport and exercise performance?

  • Can you drink a Cup of Coffee alone… Without shaking too much? But when there are people around the Shaking becomes Worse? And sometimes even Uncontrollable?

Welcome to The Stop Shaking Book.

My name is Martijn van Eijk and I'm the Author of the Stop Shaking Book and I have been on a search for several years to find some kind of cure and relief for the shakes,

But just like you, all the information I was getting, was that it could be an Essential Tremor, too much Caffeine, Anxiety and never a real solution.

  • How come, other people, don’t have it?
  • How come other people can enjoy Caffeine and don’t shake?
  • What about all the people with Anxiety that Don't shake?
  • And Tremors are very common but not everyone shakes?
  • And so other many questions that we are going to solve here.
Stop Shaking Book

Yeah, this is where I got stuck…

All these questions...

And besides all the research on the Internet, I also went to several Doctors, and let me tell you…

Normally when you visit a Doctor you are hoping there is nothing wrong, but for me in this case I wanted something to be wrong, and hoping it was just a health issue that would fix it all. 

But no, multiple times I was told there was nothing wrong. But how come I am shaking and how come it’s slowly taking control over my life? Am I just going crazy?

Not going to lie, it was an absolute nightmare.

You might be able to relate? Simple things like handing over cash to the cashier at my local supermarket or holding on to my cup of coffee and having lunch with my colleagues.

Let’s not even begin with public speaking. 

And just so much more which should all just be simple things that just became so much harder.


Stay with me.

The reason I mentioned the word "luck" for being on this page and reading this right now is that I’m pretty sure I am the person that put in the absolute most effort on finding a REAL solution for the shakes, in fact, I am almost 100% sure about that. I know this is a huge statement to make, but as a person with ADD I can completely focus on just one thing, and almost become addicted too it. I know, this can be a blessing and a curse at the same time.


But It was destroying my life, I started avoiding situations where the Shakes would happen, making all sorts of plans in my head for a simple supermarket run and I can write about endless scenarios where the shakes just kept holding me back.

Maybe your Shakes and Shaky hands are not as extreme as mine where, and if that is the case all the effort and research revealed in The Stop Shaking Book will work even faster for you. The thing is, for me it also started small but it just became worse over the years.

I really consider myself a very private person, and writing a book on anything has never even crossed my mind and let alone putting my real name on it. For those wondering and whoever reads this that knows me in real life the struggle was real and I feel proud being able to talk openly about it.

Not only did writing things down help a lot, but I also got to see the bigger picture. The world isn’t all about you, sometimes you must zoom out and you will quickly find out that some of the problems you face in life are not as big as your mind makes them out to be. 

I truly feel proud.

Start Reclaming Your Life


Get rid of your Shakes and Tremors Once and for All.

Stop Shaking Guide

The reality is… 

We all in a way think and want to think that we don’t care what other people think about us, but still, we do and some less than others. 

While you grow up! so does your subconscious and it influences one's actions and feelings. Feeling fears that are not there and fight or flight situations. 

Somewhere and at some point, in your life subconsciously the shakes and shaky hands became a part of your life, and it really doesn’t even matter trying to look back and figure out when it first happened or what reasons it could of been.

The only thing you need to care about now is, what are you going to do about it. See, I don't believe in looking back but instead focus on moving forward and that's what I'm here to do.


What People Say

"I struggle with having shakes that started in 2008 and have persisted to today. I had a great deal of trauma back then and was shaking like I was being electrocuted for months. Because of that, I struggle with minor shakes daily, it cripples my mind too.

I had nowhere to go for information about what to do, nobody seemed to understand that it wasn't a degenerative disease, it was anxiety and stress.

I learned some valuable ways to handle the shaking from this book. I knew about breathing, I knew about mindfulness but didn't know about PMR. Thanks so much for that last one, how to do it in clear and simple instructions.

The whole book was clear and to the point and reinforced it with case studies to show me I'm not any different to others, others who have gone through the same."


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 23, 2023


Let's get to the point

You can absolutely control and adjust your subconscious, and this can be done with some really simple mind tricks, or as I like to call them; Quick Little Mind Hacks. 

I’m not a writer and you can probably tell from reading this and would not even call myself an Author, but I had to somehow make all the information and research I have done into something. 

So, I teamed up with a psychologist that also happened to write a lot better than I ever could and the rest is history. We met through her husband from the UK that was also constantly struggling with the shakes.

Things started to just click and everything fell into place... We would bounce back and forth and hopping on Skype and Zoom calls at random moments.

It’s kind of funny right? that we think learning can be very difficult, but did you know that unlearning something is so much harder? It truly is and this is where The Stop Shaking Book comes in, to guide you through it all.

Somehow you almost tricked your body into the shakes, your heart rate going up in situations where it shouldn't and you are going to need to un-learn whatever triggers it. 

I just mentioned un-learning is hard and it is...

But a lot faster, so much faster as I have tested and tried pretty much everything already, and this is how we were able to skip through all the things that did not work and only present everything that did work and all in one book so you don't have to.

Stop Shaking Guide

The author shares his own struggles and what has worked for him. I appreciated the personal touch, because it's easy to feel like you're alone sometimes and this book reminds you that you aren't.

Alex from Canada


Several years in the making

I can't stress enough how many years went into this book, allow me to help you and skip through all the years I have gone through and truly find your stop shaking relief right here and right now.

I wish this book was there for me years ago! It would have saved me a whole lot of stress, depression, and all the anxiety that came with it not to even mention the time, effort, and money that went into this. I started from absolute zero and everything that went into this book came from me and only me. 


It's User-Friendly & Easy

The book has a total of 86 pages and 40,000 words, and the average human reading speed Is 238 words per minute, anyone with the willpower can do this! 

Sure, the words also must be taken into action but the reason for me pointing this out is that we live in a society where everything must be fast and most people including myself would love to press a button for a quick fix, and if you think about it the reason you are shaking is because your heart rate is going up. 

Maybe there is a reason people are always saying that reading calms them down? Not everything has to be or can be done fast.

Proud Moment

Images of The Shop Shaking Book.

So what are you getting?

A real and honest solution for your shakes, coming from my own personal struggles and experience with the help of a certified psychologist. 

  • An in-depth look into how stress, anxiety, and panic attacks can cause essential tremors and uncontrollable shaking

  • A simple mental realization that will help you get your anxiety and panic attacks under control, as well as manage your shaking

  • How the "dark triad" of anxious behaviours is destroying your ability to deal with problems head-on and an exhaustive checklist to help you identify them

  • A crash guide to the freeze, fight or flight (F3) response and how this evolutionary trait can manifest itself into shaking and tremors

  • Everything you need to know about how mindfulness can help you improving your conscious awareness and relieve your shaking

  • A simple 8-step mindfulness meditation technique to help you effectively manage anxiety and panic attacks

  • 9 powerful and inspiring case studies from people like you who previously suffered from shaking and essential tremors and how they overcame it

  • 14 powerful grounding technique that will help you strengthen your mind-body connection and increase your awareness

  • 6 foolproof daily yoga poses that are proven to reduce shaking and effectively manage your anxiety

  • A step-by-step plan to help you set a realistic and achievable goal to gradually stop your shaking and tremors (with a template planner and journal included to help you stay on track)

  • And so much more!


“Amazing experience, even the first few pages completely changed my mind. Can't believe I never thought of this myself, it really works. ”

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